About PQ Tech


PQ Tech has more than 60 years experience in international higher education.
We only deal with, select universities that we can vouch for.
PQ Tech visits these universities regularly.
We have established relationships with the staff.
PQ Tech will leverage these relationships to maximize your scholarship.

1. We strategize how you would qualify for acceptance.
2. Give you the chance to ask specific questions.
3. Help formulate the list of appropriate universities.
4. Talk through practicalities.
5. Continue handholding in initial days upon your landing in Dubai.
6. We support your application process with a view to maximize scholarships due to our personal contact with the universities.


Why PQ Tech ?

Why choose us

Contact PQ Tech for FREE counseling advice

All monies paid by student directly to target university

PQ Tech is “extended counseling arm” directly nominated to support respective universities and does not increase fee amount

PQ Tech is has “local” support in Dubai and so it ensures “soft landing

  •  We strategize how you would qualify for acceptance
  • Give you the chance to ask specific questions
  • Help formulate the list of appropriate universities
  • Talk through practicalities
  • Arrange
    • Application
    • Entrance examinations, if any
    • Pre- departure support
    • Transition
  • Select universities to be able to offer a choice to students “different strokes for different folks”
  • We visit these universities regularly
  • We have established relationships with the staff
  • We have the experience across the International Higher Education sector
  • We have students enrolling in these universities
  • We continue to provide any support or guidance during your Dubai stay
  • We are FREE (Counselor’s  on behalf of the universities)
  • 30 years of leadership experience in Fortune 500 technology multinationals
  • Lived and worked in Dubai, Canada, Germany besides India
  • Educator teaching MBA students in Dubai universities
  • PQ Tech leverages on this CEO passion for education and his international experience


What not to do when selecting counselors for study Abroad
  • Fee charging counsellors
    • Avoid any agency asking for service fees
  • Lots of websites claiming to help
    • Conflicting information
    • Lot of unverifiable and unsubstantiated claims
  • “Friendly fellow students”
    • Most not genuine?
    • A busy undergraduate student will never have the time!