PQ Tech provides STUDY ABROAD counsellors

selected universities

Each is personally known to PQ Tech including their faculty

Why PQ Tech?

PQ Tech Analytics – STUDY ABROAD counsellors

PQ Tech vouches for the selected universities- each is personally known to PQ Tech including their faculty

We will leverage this personal contact to maximize your scholarship amounts
a. PQ Tech counseling services are FREE for you

Counseling fees paid by university to PQ Tech; we are their counseling arm in India

University fees remain the same whether you go through PQ Tech or not

All monies are paid by students directly to the University and never through PQ Tech

Undergraduate/ Graduate studies offered at select western universities in Dubai (U.A.E.) WITH OPTION AN TO TRANSFER TO US/ UK/ CANADA/ AUSTRALIA


  • Most Vibrant , multicultural, education hub in this part of the world
  • Experience world- class western education in a regional context*
  • Proximity to India – Is this the first time away from home? Then start with Dubai (3 hours flight time to India)
  • Degree received from parent university in USA, UK, Canada. Australia does not mention which campus ; in this case does not mention Dubai
  • Option to transfer last 2 years of 4 year graduation to the parent campus; then opt to pursue post graduation from the same university without need for GRE, GMAT, SAT
  • Lower funds required than being in USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • Do you want to migrate to Canada or Australia? Then exercise the option to study there

*If you intend to work in India/ Asia you need to be aware of regional rather than western issues when you graduate

Why Study Abroad ?

Personal fulfillment
Study the programme you really want to and get the chance of the career you aspire to

UK, US, Canadian or EU universities are well known
Need to evidence the ability to communicate in English

New experiences
Intercultural communication skills and Character building

Fees more than compensated by post- qualification earning opportunities

Opens possibility to work in the US or EU countries

For those of you who dream of studying abroad or simply escaping from your parents, you are probably thinking it will be an easy transition. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is a lot of fun, but certainly not easy if you study in the West. However, Dubai is another matter. In Dubai you really do not face the classic challenges of being in the West like cultural differences, language barriers and feeling like an outsider (majority of the population are Indians), homesickness and being  far from your support network (4 hours flight time to India). The biggest challenge would be that you may want to stay back!

Moving away from home
Not permanent but still a significant commitment i.e. 4 years for engineering or business and 6 years for medicine
Living in Dubai is like living in any other Indian city!

Expenses of living abroad

Cultural differences

Learning new systems of working
Different approach to education
Multicultural environment

Must not limit yourself
Opens opportunities in US and EU/ UK/ Canada